UMC Machines is a comprehensive, one-stop service for any company buying or selling used machine tools. We provide a unique Europe-wide search network for customers seeking to buy quality machines at competitive prices or those wishing to dispose of surplus equipment.

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Take advantage of our concise search facility to locate quality machines that will meet your specific application requirements.Allow us to arrange an inspection of a working machine - most equipment listed here is currently operational on-site, so you are free to assess its condition and technical suitability.


Advertise your surplus equipment here free of charge - on a non-exclusive basis, with no fee unless an item is actually sold by us. Allow us to value your used machine or offer recommendations on your specific production requirements.

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of the specifications contained within this website, no liability is accepted for errors. It is the buyers responsibility to substantiate technical data. Wherever possible, original and recent images are used to represent the machines displayed. However, in certain circumstances, images of similar or new machines may be used.