2012 Mori Seiki NZX 4000 B / 2000


CNC Lathe

M730BM (Mitsubishi) / MAPPS IV
Max turn ø 660 mm
Max turning length 2100 mm
Chuck size ø 450 mm
12-station main turret Capto C 6
8-station lower turret (Standard tooling)
X/Z Stroke 385/2100 mm
1,500 rpm high-output spindle 45/ 37 kW
Tailstock high/low pressure system
Super-high-pressure coolant system I/F, separate type (7.0 Mpa)
Mist collector I/F (duct only, dia.200 mm)
Measuring Device Automatic in-machine tool presetter (pivoting type) for turret 1 and 2
Direct scale feedback for Z-axis (turret 1)
Direct scale feedback for Z-axis (turret2)
Ball screw core cooling for Z-axis (turret 1)
Ball screw core cooling for Z-axis (turret 2)
Hydraulic steady rest I/F (programmable, SLU-4Z) (/2000)
MSX853NZL 7 Tool retract and recover
MSX853NZL 24 Part program storage length 512 KB (1,280 m) in total + Registerable programs 1,000 in total
SMW SLU-4Z Hydraulic steady rest
High pressure (70 Bar*) coolant unit, with twin cartridge filtration system (*only for tool / holder with max.2mm orifice - over 2mm will result in reduction of pressure)
Filtermist mist extraction unit FX7002F

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