2015 Makino MAG 1
2015 Makino MAG 1
2015 Makino MAG 1
2015 Makino MAG 1
2015 Makino MAG 1
2015 Makino MAG 1
2015 Makino MAG 1
2015 Makino MAG 1

Twin Pallet 5-axis Machining Centre

*** ONLY 300 CUT HOURS***

Fanuc 31iB + Professional 5
Max workpiece ø 1500 mm
Max workpiece height 1500 mm
Pallet size 800 x 1000 mm
Max table load 1300 kg
Travels X/Y/Z 1520/1100/1350 mm
B-axis 0.001°
A-axis -110° / +110°
Feeds X/Y/Z 50000 mm/min
Feeds B 6000°/min
Feeds A 7200°/min
Rapids X/Y/Z 50000 mm/min
Rapids B 6000°/min
Rapids A 7200°/min
Spindle taper HSK-80F
Spindle drive motor 80 KW
Spindle speeds 500 – 33000 rpm
Spindle torque max. 23.1 / 40 Nm
Tool magazine & Automatic tool changer
Tool taper HSK-80F
Tool magazine positions 120 station tool magazine
Tool diameter max. 90 mm
Tool length max. 305 mm
Tool weight max. 8 kg
Tool-to-tool time 17 sec.
Chip-to-chip time 20 sec.
Machine weight approx. 33000 kg
Machine floor space requirement:
Length 9700 mm
Width 5760 mm
Height 3906 mm
Electrical connection 200 kVA
Complete with: 5-Axis machining with NC-Rotary table & NC-Swivelling milling head
Twin pallet changer, with 4 cone clamping and pull studs in cone centres
Pallet mechanical clamping and hydraulic unclamping
Air purge during pallet change cycle with seat check
120 station tool changer – Arm with twin gripper
HSK-80F tool taper. Simultaneous face and cone contact, ideal for high speed machining
High power high speed spindle for high metal removal rates
Z Axis with twin ballscrews / twin motors
piece bed
3 point installation and levelling
Spindle and ballscrew temperature controller
Coolant unit 1590 L capacity
Spindle head wash coolant system
Spindle surround 4 nozzle coolant system 18 l/min.
Ceiling shower coolant 180 l/min.
Terrace wash coolant 190 l/min.
Coolant chiller
Central chip conveyor with ideal chip fall
Dual layer lift up chip conveyor
Cyclonic filtration unit
Air dryer
Full guarding
3-Axis pocket machining (pocketing)
Multi Axis contour finishing
Portable manual pulse generator with monitor (electrical hand wheel)
High Speed Motion Control (SGI)
SGI 4 (Super Geometric Intelligence Control)
RISC processor
Look-ahead processing 600 blocks
Material removal rate (Aluminium) max. 5400 cc/min.
MAG Series Integral Vibration Monitoring
Tool Center Point Control TCP
3D Cutter radius compensation
Tilted work plane command
Manual feed for 5-Axis machining (with MPG)
Tool life monitoring
Auto Tool Length Measurement (ATLM) – BLUM Laser unit
+ broken tool sensor
Auto work piece measurement – Work probe
Linear scale feedback X,Y,Z – 0.1 μm

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