2019 Star SB-20R Type G


Swiss Type Automatic Lathe

Fanuc Series 0i-TF
Max machining  ø 20 mm
Spindle speeds 10000 rpm
Counter spindle speeds 9000 rpm
Main spindle R20 collet sleeve (F25 / 64)
Sub spindle R20 collet sleeve (F25 / 64)
4 spindle drilling arm sleeve holder (cartridge type)
Back working compact drill unit er16
Wedge type 6 station tool platen 12mm sq
5 spindle cross drilling unit (2 x ER11)
RS232 interface port with cover
Automatic centralized lubrication unit
Broken cut off tool detector
C axis control main & sub spindle
Door interlock system
Drive unit for revolving guide bush
Earth leakage breaker (rated sensitivity current 30ma)
External work light
Leveling bolts & pads
Main spindle air purge
Main spindle clamp unit
Operation / electrical / parts list manuals
Parts ejection detection proximity switch
Pneumatic unit for main & sub collet clamp
Rear 4 station tool post
Removable stand alone coolant tank
Sub spindle air blow unit
Sub spindle clamp unit
Tool kit (1 set)
USB and PCMICA ports
NC control manual (CD rom)
Firetrace CO2 fire suppression system with 5kg bottle
15mm overhang tool adaptor suits 12mm sq shanks
Cross mill / drill unit er16
Back working mill / drill unit er16
Back working d style graf turning holder + basic block
+ 25mm spacer (suits dc..11t3.. Inserts)
Back working graf threading holder + basic block +
25mm spacer (suits er16.. Inserts)
Counter face long drill sleeve er16 (ø22mm od)
Parts conveyor
Parts collector stand (includes 2 trays)
3 colour status beacon with buzzer
Turbo HB swarf conveyor (standard length) with
Integral timer + air header + tipping bin
Absolent A.Mist 10SF
Coolant piping for back attachment (sub flush)
High frequency turning software - chip breaking for linear axes
GP20-2000 high pressure unit 3 outlets + sub flush
LNS QLS80 S2 bar feeder to suit SB-20R Type G   
Blum laser measuring system 

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